More In Store Monday

Mondays begin the week (mine began with a sleepless night, working on a joint kid-parent school project… sleepless since the entire weekend was spent taking care of my littlest one who was beset with fever ~ do I hear moms around the world groaning in empathy? :lol:)

Mondays are exciting, though, sleep or no sleep, because it’s the day our newest products debut at our shops over at!

This week, I have three new products (related to each other, like triplets doing a debut 🙂 ):

Anyone who knows me knows that I love writing… though I must confess that my pencils and notebooks are covered with sketches of layouts and design ideas and plans leaving the rest of my literary writing adventures in the care of the keyboard (the fact that my chicken-scratch, long, pointy penmanship sucks is only one of the reasons why).

So it probably won’t come as a surprise that my latest products seek to bring the actual-writing-on-a-notebook dimension into the digital world. (My OC-happy desire to highlight and underline and ring around stuff is equally to blame, haha!)

Presenting the triplets: Highlight It!

First, the soft, gentle version:

liv.edesigns Highlight It Softly {Text Highlighters}

Next, the stronger, more-excited, bold version:

liv.edesigns Highlight It Loudly {Text Highlighters}

And lastly, the mother of all highlighters:

liv.edesigns Highlight It {Text Highlighters} Brush & Rub-On Pack

And here are amazingly squeal-worthy layouts of Sarah and Monica with the highlighters put to work!

Layout by Creative Team Member Monica

Layout by Creative Team Member Sarah

So in case you’re feeling the Monday-itch to get some shiny new goodies, do feel most welcome to take a stroll at my shop (the images are linked!).

Hope your week is filled with happy highlights! 😀

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