Today’s Funny

It’s exam week in the kiddos’ world once again. That means all the decent hours of my every day are filled with tutoring and reviewing (leaving only the indecent hours for me to do all my design-related work 😕 ). But I’m not complaining, because spending time with the kids always inevitably leads to lots of laughs.

Case in point: while reviewing my 6-year-old boy for his Civics & Culture exam tomorrow…

ME: What are the basic needs of a family?

HE: Food. Clothes. Shelter.

ME: Excellent. Why do we need food?

HE: Because we’ll die if we don’t have anything to eat.

ME: Right. Why do we need clothes?

HE: Because it’s illegal to go out of your house naked. 


Wahahahahaha! Priceless, the way a kid’s mind works.