Back Up.


Think once a month is enough? Twice a month? Nope.

Let me tell ya. Back up right now.

I’ve heard horror stories and felt the pain. You know how you think “Oh I am so so so sorry!” and at the back of your mind, you’re filing “Back up” in your to-do list, but fail to put it down on the Priority A notepad?

So, I lost all my files on one of my Seagate EHD’s. I’m in shock. Feels like wide-awake paralysis. Words fail to capture the sinking feeling, the despair, the disbelief, the devastation… so this pretty much sums it up:

Got as far as determining that I’ve lost a whole year’s worth of photos (2008), about a hundred thousand scans, about 3 years worth of design work, and all my music files. Oh, and those photos that I took as part of the official team documenting the first-ever Asian triathlon to be held in the Philippines in 2008 – yep, they were in there. I need to stop trying to recall what else was in there and hope for the best.

So if you happen to stop by my blogporch today, heck, let’s drink a kajillion iced teas to the geek gods that be, and hope that my prince in shining armor / geek god sublime / hubby manages to pull me out of this quicksand pit I’m treading in right now. And thank you for the prayers that you send to heaven along with mine.