Are you wearing your party hat yet?

My favorite place in the whole wide webworld,, turns three years old this June! WHEE! Turns 3 in June!

Have you heard about all the awesome activities that have been going on? Lots of goodness overflowing at the Spraground!

* All current digital products in our shop and self-paced classes are 20%-off till June 21st! (Twenty percent off for two whole weeks! Grab what you’ve always wanted! :D)

* A brand-new FREE (spell it with me, F-R-E-E) class, Computer Tricks for Cardmaking, will open its registration doors on June 14th! Mark your calendars and make sure you sign up for this great class (and for the great company too! heehee).

* MORE fun-filled activities are lined up for the coming weeks so be sure you hop on by! You won’t want to miss the awesome party games and the goodie bags too! (And don’tcha worry, cos over at the Spraground, we’ve got cookies! 😀 )

Just click on any image above to find yourself in party-land… and don’t forget to put on your party hat! 😀

See you there!

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