Project … 323?

Okay, so I totally flaked off despite all my good intentions to stick to Project 365 or Project 52 or Project 12… and now it’s down to Project 323 for today (which is totally senseless, I know, except that it’s the date that this photo got taken). I got as far as 19 photos in January. Took more than that, for sure, and daily ones I dare think, but never got to save any as websized files since the 19th. Maybe I’ll go backward. Maybe I won’t. hahaha. Who cares? It’s all good! Don’t-stress-about-it is the name of the game! 😆

So here’s the one of March 23. Will have to find the time to post the first 19… and then the rest that came after.

Illuminate My Soul:


PS. Adobo Putoshop was Photo #032409. Yay! Got two posted! heeheehee!

Over and out!

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