4 thoughts on “Love Jason Mraz

  1. one more comment. i don’t know if i am putting this in the right spot but after viewing pics of your house… geesh! it would be a nightmare to clean! all those little figures!!! hahaha. 🙂 but its nice that you have found “homes” for each of them! am so looking forward to coming home… and seeing your beautiful new expanded home! p.s. i haven’t seen a guest room yet!!???


  2. Liv, two days ago, I just bought yet another ticket for his concert here in Paris! Whooopeee! And this time, Bea can’t go alone… because I’m coming with her! Bonding time for mother and daughter who are both crazy about JM! 🙂 Bea watched him in March… and we will go again in June! Will email you his other vid clip where he performed at the Nobel Prize concert. Coming…!!! 🙂 Love it!!!


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