Something strange happened…

…to me yesterday.

While chatting with my sister (and multi-tasking by doing retail therapy in Jen Wilson’s shoppe), my F key on keyboard just stopped functioning! Can you imagine that? “I’m going to look _or a _un thing to do _or now. Have a _ine day!”

No matter what I did, and believe me, I tried it all: pressing down on it gently and slowly, pressing it forcefully repeatedly, turning my keyboard upside down, cleaning my keyboard, turning off my compy and letting it rest, unplugging the keyboard and connecting it to the front port,… nada.

Good thing my husband had a new keyboard waiting for him to connect to his compy. Good thing that keyboard is an exact replica of mine, so I didn’t have to bother with installing drivers all over again. Good thing my hubby loves me enough to let me use it first and to order another one for him. 😆

So that’s the keyboard I’m using now. Oh, and of course my favorite part of the keyboard got transferred along with it (and yep, it comes in real handy at certain times):

PS. I googled my keyboard, and apparently, quite a number of people around the world have also had certain keys go wonky on them without explanation. As of now, they–and I–haven’t found any fix for it, other than just replacing the keyboard altogether. How’s that for having a new keyboard every now and then, huh? 😆 (I’d much rather have one grow old with me, though). 😉

6 thoughts on “Something strange happened…

  1. I had the same problem with my keyboard recently. It started with the 5 key on working, not much of an issue, then it was the ; key, then 0, then 2 and eventually the s, a and l keys. By this point it was just plain frustrating. I ended up buying a new keyboard.


  2. It’s like the stress relief plan I follow every now and then: “Bang head here (written inside a circle)” – posted on a brick wall! 😀 But what’s my excuse? I only have two children.

    Congrats on the BIA purchase. I love that thing!


  3. Strange things can happen in compy-land! So happy you had a “spare” on hand so you could stay connected. Now about that “PANIC” button…I see no need to use that when you have friends like us that can hold your hand, scream for joy or frustration together and give you big cyber hugs.


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