How much is it, really?

photo by brunosub at stock.xchngToday was one of the days when I decided to open the papers instead of waiting for the news on TV or online… I have to say I was not happy I made that decision today.

First I came upon the news about a student of the University of the Philippines (where I attended university eons ago), who died from suspected fraternity hazing rites. 😡 I just don’t get it. What’s so great about risking your life to be counted among a group of so-called brothers who feel the need to hurt you before they welcome you into the family? There’s got to be something really, really twisted about that.

Then I read a front-page article on abortion in this country. I could’ve cried. I know this is a testy topic. But I’ve never kept silent on something that counts among my principles, and this is not going to be the first time I will speak out. Abortion is termination of life. Life. Life that does not belong to us, no matter it is transmitted through our humble bodies. We are not the Author of Life, God is. Only he has the right to give and the right to take away. He is generous enough to trust us with the soul of His child–His child! What do we do with that trust? It is a crime to murder children, men, and women on the street. What makes it acceptable to take the life of those who have no voice yet, who register their presence in this world with a tiny heartbeat hidden underneath their mother’s, who rely on their mothers to protect them until they can do so themselves? They have no fighting chance while they are hidden in the womb… does that mean that it is right for us to take over the reigns of their life, their future, their dreams, their mark on this world and puff it out, just like that? This is as much as I will say. It hurts me to the very bottom of my soul.

What is the price of life? Has it become such a common commodity that it is so easy to throw it away, senselessly?

Needless to say, I closed the papers, completely devoid of any desire to read any more. Ugh. Bad news, so early in the morning.

Sad news.  Bleeech.  😦

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