Just! Did! It!

Yay! Today is a happy day! 😀

I just realized I actually accomplished three of the tasks I wanted to do. Posted stuff? Check. Fixed my avatar? Check. Changed my header? Check. ( Isn’t it such a wonderful sight? But I have to admit, I’m biased. That’s a photo my dh took on his last trip to Switzerland. He’s my inhouse photography and techie guru… I am so lucky to have him! 🙂 )

I just love it when my to-do lists get ticked, don’t you? Mmmm! Now there’s just one more left… that’s the goodies, and I hope to get to that real soon too!

But you know what makes me even happier? Receiving comments! I am so touched by my friend Joan’s visit to my blog… Joan, you rock! (Anybody else there wanna come and rock? It’s easy… just click on the No Comments, leave me a note, and see “No” magically change to a number! hint, hint! :D) My friend J is a wonderful, creative, fantastic lady whom I met in Jessica Sprague’s Up & Running beta online course, which has been one of my biggest blessings for this year. Amazing how Jessica not only taught us to get up and running with digital scrapbooking, but she also provided us with a “home” and a playground to create in and a newfound family of women all over the world who are so special and wonderful. If you’re into digital scrapbooking, or if you’re just thinking about it and haven’t had the courage to jump off into the unknown, take the plunge with Jessica. You’ll never regret it. Don’t be surprised when you end up bringing home much much more than you put in–Jessica weaves magic in that way. I don’t have enough words to say how great it’s been and continues to be. Go ahead and check it out:  click on that link up there and read all about it. It’s the best click you’ll ever make in your life. 😉

2 thoughts on “Just! Did! It!

  1. Hey Livie, Just kicking back tonight, eating chocolate and catching up on some blogs and of course I wouldn’t miss yours. Love your writing. You rock girl. All this and 5 boys, I don’t know how you squeeze it all into 1 day.


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