Of wishing wells and goodnight girls

I love this song, and it’s not just because of the wonderful choice of words (alliteration rocks!) . The melody just blows me away each time I hear it. I love it just as much today as I did long ago when I would shut myself in a parked car and play it as loud as I could (there must be something about teenagers and love for closed-car acoustics! :D)

I like Marti Pellow more in his long-hair dude mode than when he’s clean cut, but then that might just be my rebel-alter ego acting up. HAH. 😀 So here’s now what I consider to be the COOLER version. Such a pity that it isn’t complete and it gets cut so abruptly… but seeing Marti sing in that boy/musician-next-door, normal-person sort of aura is so wonderful, it kind of makes one forget all the kinks in this video. Yummy.

Enjoy! 😀

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