Groping in the Glare

Just a quick note, my sweeties, to say… I have not abandoned my porch swing… remember my last post? Well…

I just had Lasik eye surgery yesterday (on a spur of the moment, jump in with two feet and don’t look back–crazy, I know). I can’t see very well now, there’s quite a lot of glare, but just wanted to let you know that the reason I haven’t posted lately is not by choice. hahaha! (so please forgive any typos as I’m struggling here. 😀 )

I went in to inquire and do the pre-operation procedures–my younger brother was having his operation that day, so I went with him to do my inquiries. Turns out that the top Lasik surgeon in the country, whom I requested, was available right there and then to do my surgery that same day. So of course I took the plunge. I inquired at 11AM, started the pre-op procedures at 12, and by 5:30 I was walking out of the clinic with these clear lab shades (like the protective goggles you use when you do experiments), holding on to my niece’s arm like a blind person. 😀

So anyway, I won’t stay long now as I have to squint to see my monitor, but I’ll be back soon, I promise! (I have to complete my LOAD for Day 8… don’t know how I’m going to grope my way through this, but I’ll do what I can! 😆 )