Of Dark and Light

I have always thought that there is beauty in difference. In contrast. In a juxtaposition of opposites. Chiaroscuro. Light-Dark. Laughter and tears. Somehow the knowledge and comprehension of one seems incomplete without the other.

Take, for instance, the most magical tapestry that hangs on the walls of castles: would our eyes have the chance to behold such stunning beauty without the crisscrossing of threads at the back?

But the key behind the beauty of opposites, I think, is not simply that both exist but that they do so in a peaceful manner, in a way that brings out the intrinsic and individual qualities of each. Kinda like Venus and Mars, no? šŸ™‚

And this is why I particularly enjoyed this week’s theme for the WordPress Photo of the Week: Contrast.

Here’s my take on it:

{Click on the image for a larger view}

And this is where I have to admit that I couldn’t look at this photo without feeling the urge to hum along with Howie Day’s Collide:

Hope you have a wonderful week filled with bright days and magical nights, my sweet friends!

20 thoughts on “Of Dark and Light

    • huh. so strange that the reply i wrote to you never came out here. šŸ˜› so sorry about that, my friend – i *did* say thank you so much, and you are awesome, but some gremlin must have eaten up my reply post. annoying, that. but THANK YOU, yvonne. you are truly awesome! big hugs!


    • thank you for following and for your kind comments! so glad that you enjoyed jessica’s poster design class – i checked out your blog and saw the wonderful results! delighted to have you visit; do come around again! (((hugs)))


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