A Hearty Monday!

It’s Monday, my dear friends, and you know what that means, right? (And no, it’s not another manic monday… are you singing yet? heehee)

Mondays are when new products come up in our shop at JessicaSprague.com, and because it’s the first Monday of February (yeah, that month when little cherubs with arrows start hanging around), here’s what’s up in my store:

This is a set of 40 hand-drawn and doodled heart rub-ons in basic black and white plus a complete brush set of 20 (individual-design) hearts so you can stamp away in any color of the rainbow! They come in various sizes, which you can resize easily (so make them as huge or as tiny as you wish).

Although they’re perfect for your February layouts, they’ll do an awesome job all year round as well – and they do a great job on art journaling pages too! 🙂

Best of all, they’re 25% off today only (till 12 midnight of Monday Pacific time). Just click on the image above to grab them from my shop. 😉

And now, for a hearty serving of eye-candy!

This sweet layout is by Lauren:

Lauren also used these products of mine to create her layout of her darling princesses: Brownbagger Paper Pack, Daybrushes Reloaded – Journaling Brushes, Loopies Vol. 1 – Flutterby, and Paint Plays – Swishes Paper Pack.

This adore-able layout is by Lisa B:

Jen P created this LOVE-ly layout:

Jenn also used my Sketched Framers on her layout.

And Miki made this layout that’s sure to grab your heart:

Have a lovely, hearty hug-filled week, my dear friends!

Hope Blooms

In 1991, much of the world was not aware of the existence of Mt. Pinatubo. I’m guessing that, and much of my guess is based on the fact that even I didn’t know of its existence before then… and I’m probably closer to it than much of the world.

After June 1991, the world couldn’t help but get acquainted with this heretofore-unknown volcano, who made its existence known in quite a nasty in-your-face kind of way. The effects of its eruption were felt worldwide, with ashfall that not only darkened our skies and covered the windshields of our cars like thick muddy snow but also reached as far as the neighboring countries of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

Because Typhoon Yunya decided to wreak havoc at the same time, lahar flows were copious. Lahar, an Indonesian word that  describes volcanic mudflows or debris flows, has the consistency, viscosity and approximately the same density of concrete: fluid when moving, then solid when stopped. (Thank you, Wikipedia). Successive rains that are so common in these islands did nothing to alleviate the massive lahar problems (think mudflow-floods, houses buried to the rooftops, destruction of agriculture and once-green lands suddenly grey and dismal as far as the eye could see).

But the Filipino takes pride in being hopeful, in standing straight, undaunted by whatever trials and misfortunes are thrown our way (and that, often accomplished with jokes and smiles, however incongruous they may seem to be). Little wonder then that my people eventually found a way to create stuff made of lahar – bathing “stones,” decorative figurines, export-quality photo frames, even a PC-casing according to a google search.

Now isn’t that just a beautiful demonstration of how hope can bring good out of disaster?

While driving through lahar-ravaged lands, I happened to spot a tiny patch of grass sprouting from what used to be just sprawling acres of grey sandy land. Ah, yes, hope springs eternal… literally.

Which brings us to my contribution to the WordPress Photo of the Week Challenge, with the theme HOPE :

And because children are always symbols of the beauty of hope, here’s a little child-inspired music to fill your day with happy hope!

No Strings Attached

It’s a Wonderful Wednesday, and there are absolutely no strings attached to its being wonderful!

Speaking of strings… here’s what I have at 50%-off today in my shop:

Have I told you about my Needs+Wants collection? In this collection, you’ll find all the essential digital schtuff you need and want to create your lovely masterpieces. Think of how delightful it would be to have all your basic needs, all the essential supplies that you find yourself reaching for again and again, all in a single collection! No more searching through different kits for that perfect item you know you want to use. Awesome, right?

That’s the inspiration behind my Needs + Wants collection, and  Strings Galore Vol. 1 belongs right in there!  In this pack, you’ll get 54 extra-large strings (super-easy to resize if you need smaller versions), in basic colors and in simple, pre-shadowed, and lifted versions. So versatile, you’ll use them again and again for stringing stuff, for your clusters, for leading the eye to your focal point… really, for just about anything! They’re super-fun to play with, so if you don’t have these yet in your stash of goodies, today’s the best day to get them, while they’re at half-price!

Just click on the image above to grab them from my shop. 😉

Oh, and let’s not forget the eye candy, so magnificently provided by my dear friends (and members of the awesome JessicaSprague.com Creative Team), Jana and Miki!

Yummy layouts, right?

And those stringy babies are yours for the taking at 50% off this Wednesday only, till midnight Pacific time!

Have a wonderful, amazing Wednesday, my dear friends!