No Strings Attached

It’s a Wonderful Wednesday, and there are absolutely no strings attached to its being wonderful!

Speaking of strings… here’s what I have at 50%-off today in my shop:

Have I told you about my Needs+Wants collection? In this collection, you’ll find all the essential digital schtuff you need and want to create your lovely masterpieces. Think of how delightful it would be to have all your basic needs, all the essential supplies that you find yourself reaching for again and again, all in a single collection! No more searching through different kits for that perfect item you know you want to use. Awesome, right?

That’s the inspiration behind my Needs + Wants collection, and  Strings Galore Vol. 1 belongs right in there!  In this pack, you’ll get 54 extra-large strings (super-easy to resize if you need smaller versions), in basic colors and in simple, pre-shadowed, and lifted versions. So versatile, you’ll use them again and again for stringing stuff, for your clusters, for leading the eye to your focal point… really, for just about anything! They’re super-fun to play with, so if you don’t have these yet in your stash of goodies, today’s the best day to get them, while they’re at half-price!

Just click on the image above to grab them from my shop. 😉

Oh, and let’s not forget the eye candy, so magnificently provided by my dear friends (and members of the awesome Creative Team), Jana and Miki!

Yummy layouts, right?

And those stringy babies are yours for the taking at 50% off this Wednesday only, till midnight Pacific time!

Have a wonderful, amazing Wednesday, my dear friends!