Better Late Than… Later :)

I’m wide awake! I’m not sleeping! After what seems like forever, I’m back on my blogporch! YAY!

So I just had the time to skip around netland and discovered (or re-discovered, or more fully discovered, since I’m pretty sure I got the email about this at the start of the year) WordPress’ Post A Day / Post a Week challenges for 2011. And I’ll kid you not, I spent a couple more days thinking to myself, “Really now, do you need to add one more to your already more-than-full plate of things to do in a day?” Now that’s precisely the kind of thinking that got me from January (when I first received the email informing me of a way to ensure consistent blog posts) to half a year after… still in the same place.

But the fact is, I do realize I have been pathetic at sitting on my blogporch with you for so long. Not for lack of desire, no, definitely not. It’s simply a matter of not yet finding that elusive 24-more-hours-to-add-to-the-day that has kept me from indulging in all that I would really love to do (and yes, sitting with you here is pretty high on that list).

And the other fact is, realization should give way to some kind of resolution, some kind of movement towards a better point. And I figured perhaps this is the just push I need!

So (taking a deep breath) here it is, folks. A desire, a plan, and hopefully a successful adventure: I will attempt to do Post a Week 2011! I promise to show up here at least once a week (dare I say, perhaps even more?) and excite, bore, tease, delight, et cetera you with my company. 🙂 Never mind if it’s halfway through 2011; today is as good a day as any to start, right?

Because you know what they say: better late than… later! 😆

PS. If you’d like to join me on this journey, HERE’s where you can learn more about the whole adventure!

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