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Cool Schtuff #2

1 Oct

Oooh! Two delightful discoveries in one day: could anything be cooler? 😀 believes that fun is a great motivator; carry this theory further and then come up with the thesis that the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better (i.e., get them to make the better, wiser choice) is simply to make it fun. Oooh. My kind of theory. My kind of people!

Now if only we could let world leaders in on this secret, and therefore get them to go about their business of effecting GOOD change in a fun way, that would be completely awesome now, wouldn’t it?

Cool Schtuff #1

1 Oct

I love surfing the net. You never know when you’ll get hit by something totally cool. Like this:

Now how cool was that slow-mo lego bullet zinging through the air, right? 😀

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