Just sighing…

So. The national elections are over. I have remained quiet for the entire duration of the campaign period, never saying a thing publicly, because I somehow think that political discussions are taboo and can cause great big arguments, to which I am highly allergic.

But just for today, now that it’s all over, I want to let out a sigh. A quiet sigh. One that I really do not wish to be a stimulus for any kind of argumentative discussion (gosh, no, no, no. Did I say I don’t like arguing at all? 🙂 ). But since my blog is a kind of journal of my life, I just felt that I needed to get my thoughts on this, post-elections, down just so I can record this part of my life.

So bear with me, and if it’s not something you wish to read, carry on… and as always, you can sit on my porch and pretend you don’t see me typing, and we can sit in silence as friends, you with your iced tea and me with my mango shake. 🙂

In a nutshell, here’s my post-election reaction:

Hay naku, Pilipinas, heto na nga’t nasa harap niyo ang pinakamatinong kandidato: maka-Diyos, maka-pamilya, maka-tao–ngunit hindi ninyo lang siya tinanggihan na maglingkod sa inyo at iangat ang nakakarami sa kahirapan, dinurog pa ninyo sa pamamagitan ng kasinungalingan ang katauhan niya. Pagkalipas ng panahon, inyo sanang magunita ang laki at bigat ng konsikuwensya ng inyong kabulagan.

Photo from Wikipedia, by Mike Gonzalez

It’s in Filipino, because that is the language of the heart in this country. Know how things can get lost in translation? Some things need to be said in one’s native language in order to really hit home, and in this case, this entire emotion of mine just found its way to my brain from my heart in Filipino, never mind if 98% of the time I express myself in this language with which I write, the language that I grew up with.

For my friends around the world who wish to know the content of what I just wrote, here’s the English translation, lacking as it is in capturing the full range of emotions:

Oh my, Philippines, here right in front of you was the most able candidate: God-fearing, dedicated to the family, and dedicated to people–and yet, not only did you refuse his offer to serve you and lift the majority from their lives of suffering and poverty, you even crushed his person and character through the lies you have spread about him. As time passes, may you realize the  great error and the gravity of the consequences that will likely result from this blindness you have today.

Yes, I was a student of the University of the Philippines (Diliman). And so there is just no way that I can stand by and be apathetic, not have something to say, about my country, which despite all its warts and wounds, I still love with all my heart.

2 thoughts on “Just sighing…

  1. Yeah… there was an election over here, too, and I am not happy with the outcome. But since this technically isn’t MY country as I chose to live here only a few years ago, I guess I can’t yet moan.
    Like you, I don’t appreciate the character- crushing and slagging down of candidates especially in the hot phase shortly before the actual election takes place. Like a set of spiteful children, telling on each other in order to get more cake. Not the sort of persons I wish for to govern any country, really.


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