Graffiti on My Walls

One morning this week, I finally decided to kill two birds with one stone (no actual animals were hurt 😉 ) and proceeded to “write” on my walls while giving my body a workout (gym equipment = ladder and squeegee). The hubby had been amply warned (“Honey, I plan to put these up on the walls, okay?”) and I knew–in the way that spouses who live together long enough can read each other’s minds–that he was nervous about the possibility of our home turning into a large scrapbook layout, so with total consideration I embarked on my plan while he was at the office. Mwahaha.

My arms still hurt till today (let me tell ya, it’s not as easy as it looks to scrub typography on your walls, especially if your walls have texture! 😆 ) but I got a total kick out of the reactions of my boys, so it was all worth it!

A couple of soundbytes from the fam:

Son No. 1 (coming home from class at univ): Mom! Did you just paint words on our walls?

Son No. 2 (coming home from school): Mom! Mom! Did you just write on our walls? This is so cool! (yes, he is thirteen).

Son No. 3 (looking up at the graffiti in our bedroom): I can’t read connected letters. What does that say?

Son No. 4 (also looking at the graffiti in our bedroom): What’s that black thing?

Son No. 5 (also looking at the graffiti in our bedroom): Ha. Ha. Ha.

Hubby (entering our bedroom and looking up): Relax. Ha!

(Uhm. I’ll take that to mean he approves 😉 )

Just today, the hubby told me this one is his favorite. (Yes! He does approve!) It’s at the foyer, right by our front door:


This one is in our main gathering place in the home (yes, we are big on meals 😉 ):


This one is in my craft room which doubles as our guest room (anyone wants to sleep over? 😆 )

LivE-miracleAnd this one is my favorite, especially because when I’ve been working all day on my compy and I lean back to rest my eyes, this is what I see. Mmmm. (It’s also what you see when you first enter our bedroom–how’s that for reminding you about what it’s all about, huh?)

LivE-relaxThe best part about it? I love the idea that when I say “Read the writing on the walls, buddy” — I can actually mean it literally. 😆

(And yes, my son did say “Our home looks like a scrapbook, mom!” Hahaha!)

10 thoughts on “Graffiti on My Walls

  1. We have words on our walls also. I attended an Uppercase Living home party at the neighbors. I love their stuff. I bought the catalog just so I could use some of the sayings and font ideas in my scrapbooking!


  2. I free handed a saying on the wall of our entrance when we moved in three years ago. It was too expensive to have them made and shipped from the US (couldn’t find any in Sweden back then) so I *painted* the saying directly on the wall. It looks awesome and everyone comments on it.

    your walls look beautiful darling.


  3. @ shell,

    no waaaay! seriously? how could i not have known this? 😀 i got them when i was with jes at NC last month! (went totally crazy too! LOL).

    looking forward to seeing your photos! {{{hugs}}}


  4. OMG Liv!!! I actually DO this stuff……sell it and demo it for a hobby (in all my spare time!) too funny. where did you purchase yours? i can get you a heckuva deal! :p

    I will send you some pics of mine in my home!


  5. I think this is the ultimate proof that you are on the darkest side of the Dark Side. 🙂 LOL!!! I love them… and may just surprise my hubby with some on my walls too… (as long as they are remove-able, right?). XOXO


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