Swing out, sistahs!

don’t leave your destiny to chance, what are you waiting for…
you’ve got to find a way, say what you want to say… breakout!

there’s no one but you on my mind, searching for the perfect ending that we’ll never find
if we could make it work this time, there’d be no sense in asking why…

make up your mind while there’s still time to turn around
fooled by a smile: you’ll regret, won’t forget what you’ve left behind

i’m the one you hurt and i’m the one you need
i’m the one who cried and i’m the one you used to meet
but you are pretending you don’t care but the fire is still there…

you ever stop and wonder what it is you’re searching for?
you pushed your luck too far with me but if you push it any further, you won’t have any…

in this world, nothing lasts forever (was it you who changed or me?)
should we go our separate ways or stay together?
i’m notgonnachange… if you walk away, there’s no turning back now

if you should ever change your mind, i’ll be there just call my name
until then i’ll be playing the waiting game

La la la la… 😉

PS. I can’t even remember who sent the email where this came from, but i thought it was a hilarious visual on the basic difference between a man and a woman:
I kinda think more buttons = more interesting and fun, don’t you? 😆

Have a wonderful day!

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