Swing out, sistahs!

don’t leave your destiny to chance, what are you waiting for…
you’ve got to find a way, say what you want to say… breakout!

there’s no one but you on my mind, searching for the perfect ending that we’ll never find
if we could make it work this time, there’d be no sense in asking why…

make up your mind while there’s still time to turn around
fooled by a smile: you’ll regret, won’t forget what you’ve left behind

i’m the one you hurt and i’m the one you need
i’m the one who cried and i’m the one you used to meet
but you are pretending you don’t care but the fire is still there…

you ever stop and wonder what it is you’re searching for?
you pushed your luck too far with me but if you push it any further, you won’t have any…

in this world, nothing lasts forever (was it you who changed or me?)
should we go our separate ways or stay together?
i’m notgonnachange… if you walk away, there’s no turning back now

if you should ever change your mind, i’ll be there just call my name
until then i’ll be playing the waiting game

La la la la… 😉

PS. I can’t even remember who sent the email where this came from, but i thought it was a hilarious visual on the basic difference between a man and a woman:
I kinda think more buttons = more interesting and fun, don’t you? 😆

Have a wonderful day!

Happy Day!

Some days just turn out to be serendipitously happy ones, for no particular reason except that … it’s a happy day! 😀

Am celebrating it with this song!

And this!

And this!

And this!

Dance with me? 😆

Today’s Funny

As my son J and I were riding home from school today, he was (as usual) telling me about his day in school. Our discussion revolved around a classmate who probably had a bad day and ended up dealing a few punches and a kick to my son. (Ah, boys!)

So naturally, mama took the opportunity to talk about the importance of using words, not hands or feet, to express oneself.

Me: Maybe you can tell your friend to use words next time he’s upset. Only babies use their hands and feet because they don’t have words to express themselves. Grown-ups use words.

J: I know, Mama! I used words today! (said proudly)

Me: Really?

J: Yes. Someone told me “Hey, you, poopy-head!” So I said, “Hey… you! Back at you… poopies!”

ROFL. I think this kind of boy-talk I can tolerate. 😆

Today’s Freebie!

And because it’s a happy day for me, and happiness is meant to be shared, here’s a freebie for you! 😀

This large (approximately 6×8 inches) grungy frame brush can easily be resized if you need a smaller frame. It comes in .abr format and .png format (so if you use a program other than Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you can still use the frame! Yay!)


Preview Stock Photo Credit: Ayla87 at stock.xchng

{ Click on image to download. Please see Terms of Use included in zip file. 🙂 }

Here’s how I used my frame on one of our class projects done for my dear friend Jessica’s awesome Photo-Editing 2 course at!


Spraground Shoppe: My Newest Baby

I’ve got a new product up in our shoppe! YAY! 😀

LivEdesigns Storyboard Album Template Pack

(Image is linked to the Spraground Shoppe. Click on it and find yourself in our awesome Spraground candy store! :D)

My Storyboard Album Template Pack will help you create your own album with a graphic, storyboard look in a jiffy! It comes with twenty-one 12×12 layered templates (in .psd format), including a title page (with optional text path included), filler template pages which work well if you use them side by side in order (or you can also jumble them up and mix and match them), and a special template page for the last page of your album. I’ve included text boxes and text paths which you can use as is, or you can also opt to replace these with your own.

Because the Storyboard Album Template Pack is done in graphic style, you can use it for virtually any album theme you want! Use clipping masks in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to clip your own papers and photos of choice. You can choose to use all the masks for photos, or if you’d rather clip patterned paper on some of the masks, that’s totally fine too! Add a bunch of your embellishments if that’s the look you want, or use just a few if you prefer the clean and simple, minimalist look. Don’t you just love all the freedom you have at your fingertips? 😉

Best of all, you can use it again and again for as many albums as you wish to make! 😀

And… that’s it for today, folks! It’s back to the drawing board to create more stuff for you!

Have a wonderful day, my sweeties! (((hugs)))

Stumbling and Tumbling

Oh my. I finally gave in and tried out Stumble. Man, can it really eat your time. I feel like a kid in a virtual museum, oohing and aahing at everything around me… except this time, when I get bored, I don’t even have to shuffle my feet as I walk to the next exhibit room… all I have to do is hit the Stumble button and I’m in another world! How awesome is that! 😆

Given my love for photos and words, it’s no surprise I suppose that some of the sites that amazed me most were those that combined photos and text… and not only were these visually interesting, I also thought that the messages in them were brave, raw, insightful, deep. (I know I probably would not have the courage to lay the contents of my heart out in the open the way others do, so I appreciate their courage to speak out, and I wonder if they realize that in doing so, they have given voice to the secrets that lie within the hearts of many others who may not be as brave as they are).

Here’s just some of the amazing stuff I found here at littlemiss and icanread and some other places that I can’t even recall anymore (lol!):





Funny how one word can say so much:


(and okay, maybe i’m biased because the letters make up my name, hehe)

Sometimes, the power in the words is so great that text alone is enough:



And other times, the image alone is enough to send a message:


Then again, sometimes having a bit of illustration adds to the appeal:


And then there are images, like this one, that quietly give hope to those who need it:


This one, I especially love  😀 (plus you just gotta love the way that font works perfectly with the image):


and speaking of music, here’s a sampling of what’s on my itunes “most played” playlist this week:

Eyeszzzzzzzzz closzzzzzzzzzzzing… enjoy the music while I go meet McDreamy (right, in my dreams! 😆 ) Good night! Will be back soon! 😀