Fun Find!

Whoa. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Forgive me for being MIA. Summer tends to eat up Real Life time, and we’ve got some awesome stuff going on in our Spraground that has been taking up my extra hours (and I’ve been loving it!)

Last Monday we (meaning myself and my two awesome, amazing, and hugely creative Spragsistas, Janie and Linda) launched our first-ever Spragweek Challenge: 7 Days in May, which is essentially creating a layout a day for an entire week. The response has been terrific! Our Challenge Gallery has been overflowing with creative masterpieces! (If you haven’t joined us yet, come join us now! Anyone is welcome, and that means you, you, you, and you! 😉 )

So… anyway, in keeping up with this fit of creative frenzy enveloping our Spraground, I was strolling up and down netland today when I came upon this neat thing featured on the blog of Swiss Miss, another recent discovery which is a total repository of inspirational stuff!



This is the. walls notebook and you can find it on, another fun site with some really creative stuff (the kind that I can imagine myself thinking of in the wee hours of the morning when my creative muse is being playful).

The walls notebook is filled with pages and pages of different walls, and what do you do with a notebook? You write in it, right? So when you use the walls notebook, not only do you get to write what’s on your mind, but you also get to satisfy the hidden graffiti artist within you, without risking being jailed for writing on the walls of New York City. What a fun concept! 😆

If you want to turn your monitor into your own wall, you can also draw right here on the walls notebook website (and you can email your artwork to your proud parents… or grandkids… too! :lol:)

See? (Childlike scrawl care of my inner child. ROFL)


Okay, enough playing for now… just wanted to touch base with you and let you all know that I’ve been missing you, and leave you with a promise that I’ll be back soon!


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