Music, Dance, and Whirled Peas

Actually, I mean World Peace (thanks, Jes! πŸ˜† )

Seriously, though. I honestly think it works. In the same way that two people in love can speak volumes without uttering a single word, people from all corners of the world can find connections with one another despite differences in skin color, eye shape, body mass, age, nationality, beliefs… if they–we–only pause long enough to hear the soft whisper of what ties us all together as one.

Fraternal love. It’s the universal language that needs no words to affirm its existence.

And happiness, that great emotion that moves us to swing our arms and shuffle our feet and sing out loud.


* Thanks to my dear sister, who shared this vid with me. She’s a total expert at finding jewels on youtube. :D*

4 thoughts on “Music, Dance, and Whirled Peas

  1. I have missed you again my friend…THIS MADE MY HEART SING TODAY!! THANK YOU! I truly needed that!! Summer break is kicking my fanny…but this helped relieve some of the stress! You are an awesome friend!!


  2. Liv, I wish I could say thank you for your comment about me finding things on youtube… but actually, this was just passed on to me by a friend. Icky is his name. So credit goes to him. HE is the one who finds all the fun stuff. Especially things related to music. πŸ™‚

    So great to see how your home is shaping up! (((hugs)))


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