868882_jump.jpgIf you will allow me this one little toot…

I made it! 😀

I made it to the first round of the LDD apprentice program!!! WOOHOO!!! So so so happy!

In the acceptance email that I received from The Dream Team, they informed us that there accepted 40 out of the  “over 130 applicants”… so I am truly glad that I was lucky enough to make it through the first round!

I need to give a huge SHOUT OUT to all my sistahs at the Spraground –and all of YOU who left such kind words of support… I can’t even begin to describe how MUCH you mean to me. You inspire me, my dear friends. Truly. THANK YOU.

The freebies are exclusively available for download at Little Dreamer Designs… so if you’re interested (and I hope you are, fingers crossed!), you can hop on over to Little Dreamer Designs; click on Freebies in the top menu. Scroll down and at the bottom right you’ll see the Quick Jump dropdown menu. Click on the triangle beside it and choose the category Apprentice Round 1 Freebies and click Go. The submitted kits are arranged alphabetically, so if you’re interested in mine, please scroll to the 3rd page and you’ll find it there. 😉

Also, Michelle left a note on the forum that they would love to have you upload any layouts that you’ve created with the apprentice freebies on their gallery, with the added sugar cube of being able to qualify for a $10 coupon to their shoppe, which they will raffle off to those who’ve uploaded their layouts. (They will be giving two $10 coupons for each week that the apprentice program is running).  I would LOVE to see what you create with my kit, if you use it!

To upload your layouts, choose the Apprentice Layout Gallery.

To those of you, my sweet, sweet friends, who have been asking me how the program goes, here’s the way I understand it:

There will be four weeks of challenges, with the first one beginning this week. At the end of the 4-week program, 5 finalists will be chosen by the Dream Team to submit a full-size kit to sell in the shoppe. Each kit sold is equivalent to one vote for the designer. The sales generated by the kits will count for a little over half of the final score of each applicant. The person with the highest score wins the coveted option of selling kits in the LDD shoppe.

Or something like that. 😆

Wish me luck, my sweeties! It’s your support that carries me through!!! 🙂

CREDITS: stock photo from stock.xchng

14 thoughts on “YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  1. Congrats!!!!! There was never even a second of doubt that you would not make it. We all know how awesome you are. I expect you to go all the way to the top! I’m just jealous that we will have to share you with the world! But that’s OK because you will always be my sistah!!!!! Love ya!


  2. Congratulations to you! I downloaded your mini and I am so impressed. A brush, an alpha AND that cool pocket? Wow. Not sure what is up for round 2 but I know you will do great. Your work is always such high quality. Good luck.


  3. You know how proud i am of you. and i know how anxiously you awaited the email saying you got it. i’ll be doing a lo this week ad upload it. so we can flood the boards with los with your great kit! Luv Ya!


  4. I just couldn’t be happier for my dear friend!!! Can’t wait to buy your kit from LDD to cast my vote 🙂 Sorry I haven’t been around much – you know I’ve had company in town which always cuts in to my already limited time … SHEESH!!!! Loving your templates – hoping to get to some challenges one of these days. We also need to talk more about our project – soon! *LOVE* you!


  5. Super Big Hugs of congratulations to you Liv! Your work continues to be amazing. It keeps getting better and better. You have by continued support for the upcoming rounds!


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