London Calling…

Interrupting freebie work and LOAD scrapping to post a few photos for my friend, Verona, who has a collection of Diana the Princess stuff. And for my friend Veevs, who continues to deny that she’s undercover British royalty (from the Peruvian branch of it). 😆

Dh and I happened to be in London around the time that the accident happened… give or take a few days, can’t remember now. We didn’t time it that way; we just happened to be there. I may not remember the exact number of days but I do remember the cab we were riding in from the airport stopped when we passed by the Buckingham Palace (as a sign of respect and sympathy). I also remember the tons and tons and tons of flowers left by everyone who happened to pass by.

I guess I must admit (geez, and I thought I could keep this hidden from my 7 random facts tag) that when I was in grade school, two of my friends and I were very much up-to-date with the goings-on in the British royal family’s lives. We knew who was related to whom, and where they had castle residences. Funny, because the interest had its roots in a simple fooling around with the British accent. “Oh, what a quaint idea, deahhh” we would say to tease each other. Silly stuff like that.

Anyway. I know nothing much about the royal family anymore. Can’t remember much either. So don’t go asking me any trivia questions because I will most certainly fail your test. 😆

Verona and Veevs, these are for you! (Will remove these photos once you’ve seen them so that I don’t make you suffer by plastering my face all  over my blog. 😆 )

London, September 97

London, September 97

Diana and Me… hehehe

Alright then. Enough fooling around. Freebs and LOAD will have to wait till tomorrow as it’s 4AM.

Bed, not London, is calling.


6 thoughts on “London Calling…

  1. Ok, so are you really standing next to her, or is that a life sized poster or something? I remember the day she died as it was my birthday on this side of the world.

    Yes, you look at least 13 years old. 😉


  2. Hey Liv, I was being generous with looking 17. My son just looked at the pics and he said you look like your 13. Had to add that. Not a bad thing its always better to look younger.


  3. Hey Liv- Been enjoying all your fabulous posting and LOAD’s- thanks for sharing.
    I just had to leave a comment and ask you— ARE YOU LIKE 12 YEARS OLD IN THOSE PHOTOS??? You look like you could maybe be pushing 14, maybe….
    Anyhow, young looking and beautiful as usual! TFS!


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