Of Its and Tags

My good friend Jeanne tagged me!

I’ve been tagged once before (sorry, salve, i just didn’t get around to doing your tag long ago… but i have to admit i knew nothing about tags back then! ha! you learn a little everyday!)

And part of my new year’s resolutions is carpe diem! so here i am, seizing the day with jeanne’s tag!

Here’s what Jeanne says on her blog’s tag:

You’ve been tagged:The rules of the game:
• Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
• Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, we all want to know them.
• Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
• Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

Let’s see. Jeanne and I play on the same playground so I’ve got to do this real quick before the others finish tagging everyone else! 😆

Can’t tag Dawn/Dewnie, Veevs, LivE (woops! that’s me!), Carol, Susan, Jackie and Kari. (Were we random, Jeanne? LOL!)

Thank goodness my sistahs at Jessica’s playground got around to blogging big-time. That gives me more people to tag! hehehe 😈 So here we go!

7 RANDOM or WEIRD FACTS ABOUT ME: (You sure you want to know all this? Why not scroll to the bottom and hit the tags instead? 😆 )

1. My first name is of Dutch origin, my second name is from a French song during World War II meant to comfort the soldiers, my middle name is Asian in a huge way, and my last names (both maiden and married) are Spanish. My nickname, totally unintended, turns out to be Norwegian. I’ve got Filipino, Spanish, American, and Chinese blood coursing through my veins. I could be a poster child for United Nations! 😆 (But really, I’m just an alien deep inside). :mrgreen:

2. Besides blood, coffee courses through my veins pretty much. I love coffee. Fresh brewed, with beans ground right before brewing. My friends and relatives have christened my home a Starbucks branch. I cannot imagine life without coffee. 🙂

hmmm. I didn’t realize it was this hard to think of random facts about me. >teehee<

3. I used to make scrapbooks when I was 16. The kind where you stick photos on acid-FILLED (not acid-free) paper, cut up captions from magazines, crop your photos, and stick to your heart’s content! Decades later, I discovered paper scrapping stores and quickly hoarded two lifetimes’ supply… only to store them where they remain untouched up to this day. Last June I discovered Jessica and her fab U&R course, got into the beta class, got pulled into the Dark Side quicker than you can spell digi-addict, and have never looked back. The very first digital layout I made was thanks to Jessica. In fact, the very first legit scrapbooking I ever made was due to Jessica. 😆

4. I used to dance ballet. From the age of 3 till about 12. I got to pointes, and learned how to tape my toes and preserve my Capezio shoes. I used to dance in the park with my ballet troupe for the purpose of providing cultural entertainment to those who were unfortunate enough to hang out in the park and therefore be forced to watch our shows. 😆  Used to take promotions tests for the next level with Dame Margot Fonteyn (is she still alive?) from the Royal Academy of Dancing in London. (She came to our country; we didn’t go to hers 🙂 ) Then I stopped because I wanted to concentrate on other things, like studies, doing crazy school stuff, and generally fooling around with life. 😀 I also got into theater, taking a summer course with the Philippine Educational Theater Association, and in the end we did a play on life in our country in the 60s, which was held at Fort Santiago–in a mini theater where serious, legit plays used to be held.

To this day there is nothing you can do, not even threaten me with a sword, to make me dance or act.

5. I used to climb trees as a child, and I loved going to the park and swinging from the swings till I reached the highest point, and right there I would jump off and soar into the wind and land on the ground. Luckily, I never broke any bones. If any of my sons did today what I did then, I think I’d have a heart attack.

6. I got my very first camera in the 6th grade. It was that elongated thing that used half of the 35mm film, black and white. If you got the colored film version, the photos came out really really really grainy. When I was in 2nd year high school, my dad upgraded my camera to a Minolta that used 35mm film. I felt BIG! 😆 I eventually graduated to a Canon Stylus, then to a Canon Powershot G7, and now I use a Nikon D40X. I love Nikon. I will always love my Nikon. I actually had it surgically attached to my body. (okay, so maybe I didn’t, but pretty close, the way it comes with me wherever I go.)

7. I was on the varsity volleyball team in high school, and when I was already working, I reached blue belt in Tae Kwon Do. I stopped when, in the promotions test for the next belt level, the girl I was sparring with was much larger than me, and her foot got caught in my dobuk (the white top and pants outfit for the sport). The referee at that time bellowed at me repeatedly, “Let go of her foot! Let go of her foot!” I stuck both my fists in his face and said. “I’m not holding her foot! She stuck it there herself!” 😆 I got my belt, but I quit after that. I loved the exercise, I loved the strength training, but I did not love the thought of losing teeth or breaking my nose while sparring (in fact, I did not enjoy sparring; I enjoyed the kicking and punching on my own).

Ha! That’s 7 facts that maybe you didn’t really want to know about me! (Can’t help wondering why anyone would even be interested in the slightest way in these, hahaha!)

So anyway, here’s who I tag now (sorry, sweeties, but this is how it goes! :D):

Noel , Tori, Laurie, Deb, Chrystal, Lisa, Lisa, Dawn, Janie, and Heather! (thanks soooooo much for playing along, girlfriends!) ***MWAH!!!***

PS. Ack! Noel and Deb have been tagged by Susan! You beat me to the draw, gf!

Okay, I didn’t realize tagging was so difficult! 😆

I originally wanted to post this along with a freebie, but the way it’s going, I guess I need to post this and THEN work on the freebie!

See you in a bit!

10 thoughts on “Of Its and Tags

  1. Mean mean girl! Tagging me. Everyone i know has been tagged already!!! I got tagged by both of you! Well, I’ll try and figure out random facts (shouldn’t be too hard as I’m rather odd) but who is left to tag? Funny about the coffee running in your veins. Love reading all the fun facts about everyone. 😉


  2. All right my dear, I have the results of my ultra fabulous life up on my blog. Hee! Hee! Thanks for the tag! When are we going to chat again????? I miss talking to you everyday. Hope your eyes are feeling better and you aren’t groping in the glare too much anymore. Love ya!


  3. Thanks for the tag…I guess. 😉 I made a small post on my blog this morning, and when I get a chance I will post the results of my tag. By then no one will be left to tag from the playground!

    Love your 7 random things. You talented dancing, kicking, photographer, UN poster child. 🙂


  4. I LOVED reading about you and I am tickled you participated! THIS is why we tag…to learn just a smidge more about each other. Ummmm my stuff is boring after reading yours.

    You definitely have a wonderful way with words.

    Thanks so much for playing. :o)


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