Tiny bite

bite – n.

  1. An excerpt or fragment taken from something larger, such as a film.
  2. scrap bite – an excerpt or fragment of life that i should scrap about today, tomorrow, or someday soon 🙂

Today’s scrap bite:

As I was taking my 5-year-old to school, he told me sadly that his grandma (his favorite playmate, who thankfully lives in the same compound that we do, as he calls her at all possible times of the day to come over and play with him) was going to be out of town for the weekend. He loves playing with her (and I love that he gets to spend as much time as he can with her, because nothing beats having a grandma who can spoil you rotten when your parents won’t  😀 )

To comfort him, I said “Oh that’s okay, because this weekend will be my birthday!” (trying to sound as excited as I could… birthdays are supposed to be exciting for kids, right? Now when that stopped being exciting for grown-ups, I can’t recall. )

Responding perfectly to my prompt, his face lit up and said “Yay! Mama! I’m going to get you a bag, or a necklace, or earrings!” I think he kind of had to pull my lower lip up to close my open, gaping mouth. I was astounded. Where did this little boy, all five years of wisdom behind him, get this? Instead, I asked him “Wow! How’d you know that girls like those things?” His answer: “Mom, girls like those things. Boys like toys and video games and experiments. Girls like makeup, necklaces, and shopping!”

This guy really has the ability to crack me up!

(For the record: I don’t wear makeup unless you strap me to the chair and MAKE ME; I like bags but not enough to spend on them, I love shoes enough to spend on them; and I love shopping, especially when it involves books and magazines, scrapbooking stuff, and generally anything that will make my husband and sons happy! 😀 )

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