U&R stands for U Rock, girlfriends!

I just have to say thank you to two more of my dearest friends from Jessica’s playground, M. & A., for coming to visit. You have made me so happy by dropping by, and I do hope you come around often!

This is for you two, for J., and for my whole U&R family and all my dearest friends who take the time to drop by… Kenny Loggins, singing Whenever I call you friend (Heck, he can call me, period, any time! 😀 I have been in love with this guy for forever and it’s totally okay with my dh, because this marvelous guy doesn’t even know I exist! HAHAHAHAHA!)

PS. Just imagine me in the audience, clapping for you! 😀

PS. again – Continuation of last post, How I wish… How I wish I could sing like that uber-cool woman!

PS. one last time: We should really be in the audience in Janie’s desert country, listening to Kenny Loggins live. Yummy!!!

One thought on “U&R stands for U Rock, girlfriends!

  1. Well look at you girl–I just noticed the link to your blog at the end of your post on our U&R forum–and had to take a “look see.” You are so talented and funny. What a combination! I’ll visit more. Nancy O


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