I’ve been dillydallying for so long, delaying posting on my blog till I felt I had all the knowledge I needed to make a great blog. Well, after today’s dose of experimenting, I tried searching for ways to design my own blog header and realized with dismay that … ahem, this is not an easy thing to do! And while I was well on my merry way to becoming increasingly frustrated with my lack of techie knowledge, a thought struck me in the head (yup, blinding me like lightning… or is that my eyesight just giving me a major headache, telling me I’ve been spending too much time in front of my computer?)

Oh well. This is the thing I realized. Unless I start this, I will never start. I’ve been so busy looking at the trees that I’m starting to lose sight of the forest.

So here I am at the foot of the forest. Step by baby step. Blog header design? Later. Avatar? Later. Uploading exciting content? Later. Finding a way to make freebies and goodies that I can share with friends? Later.

 For now, at least I’m posting. And that should be a good start. 😛

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