Have you ever…

woken up–say, in the dead of night, or even maybe a couple of hours before the sun himself rises–to this scene?

Come on, this MUST have been your bedside scene at ONE point in your life? :P

Well. In case you have woken up to this scene, rejoice, my friend. (And if you haven’t yet and are on your way to this a few months from now, brace yourself).

Because this is how it is at my bedside pretty often, say about…hmmm… every night?

😆     😆

But I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world.

That’s right. But you know what? I would never trade this scene for any other in the entire world, not even if you promised me soft rays of sunshine gently creeping into the room to rest on a bed covered by a warm comforter and your most loved one beside you breathing softly.

Because, you know what? Nothing is softer than 5 hugs from 5 wonderful sons. Plus a happy husband.