Swirdles and Arrows

Hey there, my sweet friends! I am jumping off the rushing bus called Real Life to quickly wave a reminder in the air that it’s a Wonderful Wednesday (till about 3 hours from now when midnight comes, Pacific Time), and that means you can still grab these two items that are on sale in my shop today!

live.designs Swirdles Stamps and Brush Set

Add the perfect finishing touch to your lovely creations with this pack of 17 extra-large swirly doodle stamps and brushes!

{Click on the image to grab them at my shop}

liv.edesigns Points of View Vol. 1 – Arrows 

Point the way to the best parts of your layouts with this mega-pack of 48 arrow rub-ons in bold and pencil-thin versions, in both black and white rub-ons that are easy to recolor and in two complete brush sets that you can stamp in any color you wish!

{Click on the image to grab them at my shop}

And here is just a little sampling of the awesome layouts created with these two products by the awesome JessicaSprague.com creative team!

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* Layouts created by the JessicaSprague.com Creative Team: Monica, Meg, Sarah, Jana, Lauren, Erica, Erin S,  Jenn M, Joanne A, Lisa C, Margje, Miki, and I inserted one by me in there too :D.

Click HERE to see more awesome layouts!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, folks! And if any of you happen to find where the extra 24-hours-to-a-day are hiding, do share with me! 😀

One-Buck Wednesday: Point It Out, Baby!

Arrows: Universal, with their uncanny ability to point out direction no matter where one is in the world, never mind if one doesn’t speak the native language of whatever piece of this earth they have their feet planted in at the moment.

And therefore, yes, arrows do have a place in your marvelous creations!

Best of all, you get an entire set of them in digital form for just a buck today (the whole of this Wednesday till midnight Pacific Standard Time).

In case you feel the need to make a point or, you know, point out something ;), you might want to grab these for a buck:

JUST A BUCK TODAY! liv.edesigns Points of View Vol. 2 - Pencil-Thin Arrows

(Image is linked to my shop, so if you’re in the mood to spend a buck, just click on the image above 😀 Easy-peasy, right? 😉 )

This pack has 26 arrows (13 designs in black and white versions in .png format plus a complete brush set in .abr format for those who use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements).

And here is some wonderful eye-candy from the Amazingly Awesome JessicaSprague.com Creative Team!

Layout by JessicaSprague.com Creative Team Member Brenda

Layout by JessicaSprague.com Creative Team Member Sarah

Layout by JessicaSprague.com Creative Team Member Jen P

Layout by JessicaSprague.com Creative Team Member Reeta

Ah. I just love the gorgeousness these wonderfully talented ladies come up with!

So go ahead, grab these arrows, and use them to call attention… it’s perfectly legit (and awesome) to do it this way! 😉

And have a happy, ONEderful ONE-Buck Wednesday, my lovelies! xox