I’m back! { aka Breaking the (Blog)Fast }

No, it hasn’t been a year… thank heavens!

Still, it’s been way too long, and I’ve been flying full speed on that crazy speeding train called Real Life, barely hanging on as wifely-duties, mommy-duties, designer-duties, and photographer-duties all grab at me, screaming “Pay attention to me! Now!” (You know how it is, right?)

But there’s this saying in Latin:

Nunc coepi.

Begin now. Begin again.

And so I begin today. Because beginnings rock. And beginnings open a whole new vista of possibilities and chances and discoveries. And beginnings bring me back here with you, back to hellos instead of goodbyes.

Break your fast beautifully

So if you’re reading this today, sitting with me on my blog porch, I’d like to say thank you. Thank you for being here, whether you’re coming back or visiting for the first time: I’m glad to have you here, right beside me, as I break my (blog)fast and begin again. I will be around more often and more regularly from now on. I promise.

So, I’ll see you around soon, okay? 🙂