Doobie Doobie Doodle

19 Feb

I’ve been busy… doodling. 😆

For some reason I’ve been hooked for the past few days on doodling… of course, this is my way of further procrastinating on getting my application kit for the LDD program completed (uh… actually, not completed… started is what I should say. I haven’t done a single thing and the deadline is 10 days away. hahaha!)

Not that doodling has been the only thing that’s been keeping me busy… there’s so much more under wraps, stuff to attend to, real life to live, layouts to complete, yadda yadda yadda…

So instead of me boring you with all that, let me give you the freebie for today! ( I realize I made a resolution to give out at least one freebie a week, and I know last week kind of passed me by without my accomplishing that goal… so here’s the second freebie for this week to make up for that missing one 🙂 ).

These are the parts of the Perfect Moment Plopper Kit… I figured you might want to use the individual elements on other layouts, so why not throw it all into a folder and give it to you with a huge ribbon and an even bigger hug? 😉

Here’s what you’ll be downloading today:

{ Click on image for larger view }

LivEdesigns PerfectMoment Parts-1 Preview

The glitter border is actually 12×12, but I resized it for the preview so you could get a fuller view of the paper without the border blocking it. Also in this set you’ll find the pinned bow with heart charm and the torn paper mat… none of these have drop shadows so that you can apply the layer styles according to your wishes.

You can download the Perfect Moment Plopper Parts – Set1 here.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the second and last set of the Perfect Moment mini kit: more of the items I used plus a surprise item included. 😉

Hope you can find some use for this, and thank you in advance for the love you leave right here on my blog! 😀

Have a happy day, my sweeties! (And it’s back to the drawing board for me!) (((((hugs))))

For the Love of…

30 Nov


So my son J loves scissors. He loves paste. He loves pens and papers.

I love that he loves these things, because when his older brothers were his age, they weren’t as deft and adept with scissors. (Just an aside: isn’t it funny how those two words–deft and adept– mean nearly the same thing, and how the F can easily sound like a P with a slip of the tongue? 😆 I know, I know, I think of the weirdest things).

So my 5 year old son J can busy himself with drawing anything that his imagination can conjure. And then he cuts up these drawings. And then he pastes them on a new piece of paper. Or he takes the box packaging of whatever toy he has, cuts up the little pieces and little photos (you know, the ones that the smart toy manufacturers show at the back of the boxes so that the kids can go to their parents and say “Next time, Mom, can we get this? And this? And this too?”) . And then he sticks those cut-outs onto a piece of paper and then calls out “Anyone who wants a surprise, raise your hand and say Yea! Anyone who doesn’t want, say Nay!”

Naturally, without missing a beat (and often with just a brief glance up from our monitors) his pop and I will raise our hands and say Yea! What can we say? We’re trainable.


So yes, I know my son is good with scissors.

But nothing prepared me for this:

 The Gang

Here, have a closer look:

Won’t you have a seat? :P

Okay, so they’re roughly cut and they’ve got these little charming crayola scribbles instead of a solid paint of color. But! But! But! He’s making his own toys! He’s making his own furniture for them! He’s making stuff!!! (And that means it’s possible, just possible, that if I give him some clay, he may make things, with the side benefit of us taking less trips to the toy store! Woohoo!)

Of course, the reason I am so amused and amazed that he’s into creating is because… ahem… his mom loves creating too. And there’s nothing store-bought that can ever come close to the value of a little hand-created homemade gift… scraggly cuts, scribbles and all. 😉

Mmmmmm! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I completely forgot…

29 Sep

to eat lunch today. I only remembered at around 7pm, when a dull headache triggered the part of my brain that connects to my stomach. (Voice in my head: Yo, woman, you have not put anything inside your body except cups and cups of that brown liquid that comes from ground beans…)

Sshhh. Don’t tell anyone though. It embarrasses me how something so basic as a basic meal, for crying out loud, can go unnoticed by me. But I have to admit, after 3 consecutive near-sleepless nights, my brain has turned a bit into mush. I’ve been working on editing about 70 articles for a project (deadline: yesterday 😆 )–some of which had to be completely revamped–and tomorrow we meet from 1pm to forever, however long it takes to get the project through its final, final stage… before we send it off on its final leg of the journey. How I wish I could be more specific!!! But I have to be patient and wait… till I can shout it out to you. When I do, you’ll probably get so sick of hearing everything about it (I’m collecting photos to document the whole thing for you too!!! :D)

So anyway, please forgive me. I’ve had less than a tiny sliver of space to work on the freebies I’ve been dying to give you… but I’ve missed you so much that, with 15 articles left to edit, I decided to just say STOP!, take a break and work on getting these freebs up for you. I have been sooooo wanting to give them to you to play with (come to think of it, I have been soooo wanting to play for the longest time! I feel like a little kid with the measles, looking wistfully out a window at all her playmates having fun and wishing the itchies would go away soon so she could join them. :D)

But before anything else, I want to say


thank you for your warm and encouraging reception of my Ripples poem. (Yes, Deb, I’d be honored…). thank you for all the warm fuzzies that keep me all cozy and just so full of overflowing love for all of you. thank you. there should be better words to express what i feel, but Webster and American Heritage have not put them down in their dictionary lists yet, so these are all I have to go with: thank you thank you thank you. Oh, and did I ever say I love you? Have I said it enough? Can I say it again?

Here’s a great big bear hug for all of you, my dearest friends.

Bring it on!!!

And now, what I’ve been wanting to give you for the longest time:

{ Click on image for larger view }

LivEdesigns Pinky Promise Set4

This 4th set of the Pinky Promise kit has 2 papers, both slightly textured and with inked edges. I used a flower brush that I made myself 😀 on the first one (the paper on the top part of the preview), so it has a slight pattern. The paper on the lower part of the preview is a cousin of one of the papers in the Set 3 freebie, but it has more texture and less grunge. 😀 There’s a paper strip ribbon as well, which is 12 inches long so that you can stretch it across your layout (you can also make it smaller if you wish). I also included a jumbo eyelet–in the preview the biggest one at the bottom is the actual size that you’ll be getting; I just played around with downsizing it to show you how you can play with it by varying the size. 🙂

Here’s the funny thing: while I was playing around with the preview, I thought of turning the eyelet into a frame to show you what else you could do with this jumbo baby, and I thought… hmmm, what if I made this into a frame? So I did, and then I thought: since I’ve made it, why don’t I throw it into the mix as well? So there you have it!!! A bonus round frame included in the latest set of your Pinky Promise kit! Hope you find some use for it! 😀 (Oh, and the drop shadows are, as usual, only for preview purposes, so you can apply any sort of shadow you want). Special thanks to stock.xchnge for the photo I used on my preview.

Download it here. Zip password is freelunch (guess why? 😆 )  Thanks for the love you leave as you download!!! I truly appreciate the time you take to type in a few words!

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

Enjoy, and I’ll be back with more soon!

PS. I just realized… the bottom part of the preview doesn’t have inked edges because I mistakenly placed the top half of the paper instead of the lower half (the one that had the inked edges at the bottom). So the bottom part of the preview actually shows the top part of the paper… but don’t worry because when you get the file, you’ll find that all the edges are inked. (Error on the preview due to lack of sleep. hehe. Excuses, excuses.)


16 Sep

853705_happy_3-by-iikozen.jpgWooooohooooo!!! I am sooooo happy!!! I just discovered something!!!

But first, let’s talk about happy things:

I confess. I am a kid at heart. The simplest things can make me jump for joy. (Case in point: everytime my husband comes through the front door at the end of his work day, it’s all I can do to keep myself from jumping up and bounding over to him lest I seem like an over-eager puppy! 😆 )

What are the things that put a silly grin or a contented smile on your face? What makes every pore in your being ooze with happiness? Make a list! Post it in my comments space here! And then, if you’ve got energy left over, go and scrap about it! (And then give me a link so I can put it up here on my blog!) Wouldn’t that be great?

What makes me happy? Simple things. Today, after having tried to log onto my blog unsuccessfully for the past 8 hours, the first thing that would probably come out of my mouth is: being able to log on to my blog so I can release the freebie that I’ve worked so hard on. 😀

Seriously though, top on my Happy List: my faith, my family (husband and five sons, always in that order 🙂 ), my friends (and very high on that sublist is my playground family at Jessica’s).

LIFE makes me happy, being alive, being a wife to my wonderful husband (can’t imagine ever being happy with any other man), being a mom to my five sons (can’t imagine ever being happy with any other five kids).

My camera makes me happy, especially when after days of taking a zillion photos that I’m pretty happy with, I get one or two or even three that make me suck in my breath and say “woooooow.” (Doesn’t happen often, so this type of happy moment is often accompanied by a grateful look thrown up to the heavens).

Digi-scrapping makes me happy. Designing makes me happy. Giving away my designs to my very appreciative and supportive friends makes me happy.

Helping others always, always makes me happy. Making people laugh makes me happy. (Hmmm, kind of makes me sound like I used to be a clown in my past life)

Painting with oil, and the freedom to wipe my brushes onto my old paint-stained jeans, makes me happy.

Playing games with my kids, hugging them, looking at them… heck, anything that has to do with my kids makes me happy. (Okay, I’ve connected happiness with family three times already; that says a lot, don’t you think? haha)

Finding digital freebies, especially commercial use freebies (ooohhhhh wheeee!!!), makes me happy.

Reading great books makes me happy.

Writing makes me happy, especially when the words flow so smoothly and effortlessly. Happy, happy, happy!

Standing under the shower and feeling squeaky clean after always makes me happy.

And I could go on and on. Because I’m just a really happy girl at heart.

And if there’s something else that makes me really happy, another absolute happy-necessity in my life, it’s discovery. Discovering new things, discovering how to make things work better, discovering new friends, discovering the special in the ordinary: these make me happy.

And like the great wise men of old say, your happiness always doubles when you share it with others.

So here’s my latest happy discovery that I totally want to share with you:

A few weeks back, Jessica so wonderfully shared with us a tip that she discovered about how to scroll through different font types in PSE without having to hit the font type each time to see how it would look on your typed text. (It’s a great tip; go check it out!!!) I tried it but I couldn’t make it work for me… (definitely user-error, where the user is me). 😆

Well, here’s my happy discovery! If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, it works in place of the up and down arrow keys! Woohoo! (And here is also where I got to correct my user-error! I found out what my wrong move was! I had done all that Jessica instructed, except that when I got to the part of the font type dropdown menu, I hit the arrow keys BEFORE i clicked on any font type. No wonder it wasn’t working for me! I realized I had to click on any font FIRST on the font type list, and THEN hit the arrow keys–or, joy of joys, get my scroll wheel to do the up and down work! Okay, this may be what many of you would consider a duh moment of mine, but can I tell you how great it feels to have that “duuuh” transform into “eureka” ? hahahaha!!! )

So that’s my happy discovery. Not a big one, and certainly not an original one (credit goes to Jessica for that), but just discovering that I could make it work… well! Yeehaw! That’s a great thing! 😛

Now, let’s get to your happy lists: What’s on them? Write as much as you want, make your post as long as you wish–I love reading what you have to say 😉

In the meantime, I’ll be working on uploading a new surprise for you!

How I wish!

28 Jul

This morning, as I got out of bed, I had to stop and think (see me, slight frown on my forehead, eyes looking upward and to the left, faraway look on my face) before I realized it was just a dream.

Tsk! Man, it was so real! I was pretty sure I had finally designed something (hah! That’s when it hit me: of course it’s a dream because if it were real, I’d know what I designed, right? Not a hazy “something”–duh :D) for my girlfriends at our playground at Jessica’s. Now that’s really dreaming, because not only have I not designed a thing at all in my life, I don’t even know how to! HAHAHA! How I wish I were half as talented as some of those great generous girls all over the web who just design and give freebie after freebie away, making so many other people happy in their small way.

But dreams do come true, and one day I will have something to “give back”, however small it may be. It’s always nice to be able to give something from the heart.

 When I was a little kid, my parents did not allow my brothers and sisters (and me!) to buy presents for them; they made it very clear to us that they preferred homemade cards or little gifts made by our own hands. As we grew up, of course it got more and more difficult to create with our hands, and soon those little crooked creations turned into store-bought items (which by then were appreciated by our dad because we had grown old enough to earn our own money).

It’s funny because when I look back now on those days, I don’t remember a single store-bought item I got for him (I can guess it had something to do with this or that, but I can’t remember the specifics). What I do remember is the little square pillow with two satin-stitched hugging monkeys, stuffed with kapok from another poor pillow that had seen better days. And I can see as clear as day the two mini-dolls I had sewn from a pair of once-white socks, made to look like my dad and my stepmom, with yarn for the hair and twisted bits of wire for glasses, and bits of cloth for their clothes, and lace thrown around the shoulders to keep them together (ahem… it was a wedding anniversary present :P). The best part about it? Rummaging through their closets many years after, I discovered both on a shelf, kept like precious mementos of a child’s love.

Have I mentioned that I probably inherited my love for scrapbooking from my father, who has always kept every single bit of “art” that his children created for him? He doesn’t know a thing about acid-free stuff or chipboard or papers… but he does know how to appreciate beauty in the ordinary, and how to preserve little moments in a tangible form… and isn’t that what scrapbooking is about? 🙂


23 Jul

I’ve been dillydallying for so long, delaying posting on my blog till I felt I had all the knowledge I needed to make a great blog. Well, after today’s dose of experimenting, I tried searching for ways to design my own blog header and realized with dismay that … ahem, this is not an easy thing to do! And while I was well on my merry way to becoming increasingly frustrated with my lack of techie knowledge, a thought struck me in the head (yup, blinding me like lightning… or is that my eyesight just giving me a major headache, telling me I’ve been spending too much time in front of my computer?)

Oh well. This is the thing I realized. Unless I start this, I will never start. I’ve been so busy looking at the trees that I’m starting to lose sight of the forest.

So here I am at the foot of the forest. Step by baby step. Blog header design? Later. Avatar? Later. Uploading exciting content? Later. Finding a way to make freebies and goodies that I can share with friends? Later.

 For now, at least I’m posting. And that should be a good start. 😛

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