F is for 47 Fun, Fabulous, Fantastic Freebies … Fo(u)r You!

The designers, creative team members, and admin at JessicaSprague.com have all been working hard in our digital labs, cooking up something these past weeks to celebrate 4 fabulous years of growing our skills and telling our stories and cultivating friendships on our Spraground…

And tonight is the night we’re throwing confetti and blowing trumpets and and welcoming one and all to this seriously awesome PARTY! We’ve got 47 goodie bags (actually, there’s a little surprise at the end too! 😉 ) to give each one of you!

Be sure you unzip your goodie bags as soon as you pass through each blog so that you can collect the quote strips tucked inside each one. When you’ve gathered all 47 quote strips, arrange them in the correct order then send the completed “quote” to my dear friend Tori (her email addy is on the flyer below), and all those who complete the quote correctly have an additional chance to win the raffle for a sur-PRIZE from us! How awesome is that! 😀

Remember, though, that you need to grab all your goodie bags (and send that completed quote to Tori) between NOW and 10PM EST Sunday (June 26th), which is when our party winds down (and then we get to wipe the traces of chocolate cupcake off our faces and lie down on the grass and smile contentedly at the stars, thanking the heavens for a wonderful weekend-long party 🙂 ).

So while you put on your virtual running shoes and get ready for our 47-stop bloghop, here’s a bit of info to let you know how we’re playing this entire weekend!


In case you’ve arrived here directly, you’ll want to click on the image below to get to the start of the bloghop 🙂

And now… open your arms wide so I can give you a great big (((squeeze))) and this goodie-bag that I’ve created for you!

CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE to grab your freebie 🙂 (And while you’re downloading, you might want to leave a little love on my blog via the COMMENTS box at the bottom? 😉 I just *love* hearing from you! )

Sorry, the download link has expired. Thank you so much for dropping by!

Included in my mini kit are:

  • 3 highly-textured 12×12 patterned papers
  • 3 highly-textured 12×12 solid papers
  • infinity chain
  • stitched grosgrain ribbon
  • journaling tag
  • stapled vintage frame
  • a trio of eyelets
  • pinned tag
  • price code tag
  • heart paper clip
  • extra large embossed acetate title

All my elements come in simple and pre-shadowed versions! 🙂

(PS. For those who live in the US, the colors of my 4EVER Mini Kit are sure to work perfectly for your Fourth-of-July holiday that’s right around the corner! Isn’t 4 such a fabulous number? 😀 )

NEXT STOP on the bloghop is… hang on… let me first remind you (*naughty smiles):


We have discounts on every class and product in our store through Sunday, June 26! Be sure to stock up on your favorite digi supplies as well as enroll in the classes you’ve been wanting to take!

  • 20% off every self-paced class, including Digital Scrapbooking, Photo Editing, Adobe Illustrator, Digital Organization, and more
  • 30% off our beginner classes, Up & Running with Photoshop and Photo Editing: Good-to-Great Workflow
  • 35% off ALL our DIGITAL PRODUCTS! (Click HERE to go to my shop :D)

And if you’ve missed any of the 27 episodes of Jessica’s amazing Photoshop Friday tutorials and our Hybrid Project Friday tutorials, now’s your chance to grab them for just $1 each before they’re retired forever on June 26th.


BLOG STOP NO. 3 – which is the home of the goddess of all things kitschy, Danielle’s blog!

Click HERE to get to Kitschy Digitals, Danielle’s blog!

Have fun, and thanks so much for dropping by! Don’t be a stranger … come back often cos I just love sitting on my blog porch, sipping on iced tea (or hot chocolate :D), and swapping stories with you! (Go ahead and sign up for email subscription on the right top side of this page 😉 ).

See you soon! BIG BIG ((((hugs))))!

296 thoughts on “F is for 47 Fun, Fabulous, Fantastic Freebies … Fo(u)r You!

    • hi tereasa – are you using firefox as your browser to download? for some very strange reason, IE is not cooperating with my download links… and i can’t understand why not because all our freebies come from the same place… the only consistent thing i’m seeing is that those who download with IE get thrown to a blank page while those who use firefox are able to download without a problem. you might want to try firefox? it’s free, quick, and easy to install, and it can exist side-by-side with IE. thanks so much for your patience! xox


    • hi donna, you might want to check if you have a firewall that’s blocking your download? (i’m guessing that might be a cause for the difficulty). also, i have heard that those who are using IE as their browser are having problems downloading – for reasons i can’t understand, because all our freebies are linked to the same place, so they should work in the same way. the only consistent thing i’m hearing from those who cannot download is that once they shift to firefox, they are able to download without a problem. you might want to try firefox? it’s free, quick, and easy to use. here’s the link so you don’t have to search for it, if you’re interested in downloading firefox:
      hope you’re able to get the download fine! xox


  1. I loved working with your beautiful kit to make my QP Liv! Your creativity is always an inspiration! I’m so grateful to have you as such a dear friend and to work with you on Jessica’s team!


    • thank you jana! your creative artistic masterpieces are always amazing, but YOU are even more amazing and delightful! i love that we’ve been friends forever, and i am so happy to be able to work with you as well on the team! thank you for all that you do and all that you are, girlfriend! big grateful hugs to you! xoxox


    • thank you so much, debbi, for your kind words, and for dropping by my blog and celebrating with us! i am thrilled that you are beginning with digi – i am pretty certain that you’ll end up addicted to it! haha! i do hope you come around again soon! (and you may want to visit my 2nd home, jessicasprague.com, in case you have any questions and need help as you learn digi – we have an amazing, wonderful, welcoming and incredibly helpful family over there! 🙂 ) have a wonderful weekend! xox


    • hi kayre, thanks for passing by! you might have better luck using firefox as your browser, since for some (unknown) reason, IE doesn’t seem to like me 😛 – i’ve left the link for firefox in one of my replies here in the comments ara – or you can google it using “firefox download” as your search words. (firefox is free and totally safe, quick, and easy to install on your computer, and you can keep it side by side with IE if you’d rather just use ffox only once 😉 ). some other blogparty-goers have successfully downloaded my goodie bag using other systems, like google chrome, camino, target, etc. – it’s really just a glitch with IE 😛

      hope you’re able to download it – do let me know if you finally get it, okay? 🙂 i’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you in the meantime! xox


  2. Thanks for the digital freebies. I like the star paper the best. I also had problems with the download and ended up using a different computer – still used Internet Explorer though.


  3. Is there another way to get this? (I’m using IE and it doesn’t want to dl. I’d rather not install firefox. Every other stop on the train worked.) Thanks for an awesome blog hop!


    • hi heather, i understand your hesitance to not install firefox 🙂 – however, just to reassure you, you don’t have to uninstall IE to use firefox, and you can uninstall firefox right after downloading my freebie if you’d rather not have it on your computer. i have no idea why my download doesn’t want to work with IE, but there we go… 😛 some people have used other systems aside from firefox (google chrome, target, camino) and have been able to download successfully. i guess IE doesn’t like me 😛 thanks so much for dropping by and celebrating with us! xox


    • thank you, too, sheri for your awesome work and wonderful participation in this amazing joyride! i truly enjoyed every moment spent with you all! so glad and grateful that you chose to be a part of it. rock on, awesome friend of mine! xox


  4. you’re welcome, rebecca! you’re doing good time – you still have 12 hours to go before the party winds down 🙂 enjoy, and thank you for dropping by and celebrating with us! do come around again soon! xox


    • it is, isn’t it, kelly? and that fabulousness is largely due to you and our awesome team of creative members, designers and admin! thank YOU for being such a wonderful part of this celebration! big grateful hugs to you!


  5. haha, joan, my hilarious friend! please tell me you’ve seen the light and shifted to firefox? (that’s the key to finding the treasure! 😉 ) seriously, though: in my experience (and tori will vouch for me on this, lol) 98% of download problems are solved by the simple shift from IE to FFox. 🙂 (okay, you *knew* i’d say this, right? hahaha!)

    spraguefest 2011 – i wish! 🙂

    thanks for dropping by, my friend. perhaps next time you’ll delight me by turning your lovely comment into one of your amazing songs, you super-talented songwriter! 😉 heehee.

    seriously, i am honored to have you spend some time with me on my blogporch. do come back soon. you are awesome! BIGGER hugs backatcha, girlfriend! xoxox


  6. oh Miss Liv….I see you are back to that Firefox marketing campaign ;>)
    I guess if I really want the buried treasure I will have to use the “right” key!
    Also, I see that if I write acomment, you will write back, HA! And I know of your love of writing. Thank you to the dear boys for giving up mom for a bit so she can attend to designing fab stuff for her groupies. Sending you
    BIG hugs from CA girl friend – will we see you at Spraguefest 2011?
    XO joan


    • hi patsy,

      thanks so much for dropping by!

      you might want to try firefox as your browser (the link is in one of my comment replies above, or you can simply google it using “firefox download” as your search word 🙂 ). the “blank page” glitch seems to be happening with those who are using IE; i have no idea why, but firefox should get my goodie to you in no time at all. 🙂

      again, many thanks for dropping by, and do let me know if you’re able to snag it successfully! xox


  7. Pingback: CraftCrave | Blog | Digital Scrapbooking Freebies Full Large Preview List: Sunday, 26 Jun 2011

      • you know that the honor is mine, too, my dear, amazingly wonderful, beautiful friend! thank you for everything that you are (and for the very warm fuzzies! :D) humongous (((squeezes))) to you, meg! xoxox


    • you’re welcome, donelle, and thanks so much for dropping by and joining our party! i am thrilled by your excitement to play! please don’t hesitate to send me a link when you’ve created something, as it’s always a joy and an honor to see your memories preserved with the little stuff we create. 🙂 do drop by again soon! xox


    • you’re so welcome, terri, and thank YOU for dropping by and partying with us, and for your kind words! do drop by again soon – it would be lovely to have you here again. 🙂 xox


    • brenda, my dear friend, YOU are amazing and so is your awesome contribution to our bloghop! you’re welcome, of course, and thank YOU even more for being such a wonderful part of this! xox


  8. Wow – I just downloaded all of the stops on the blog hop and now I am coming back through again to make sure I read all of the blogs and really see what is here. I AM LOVING ALL OF IT!!! My only problem now is how to organize all of the great new things I just got. But, that’s a good problem to have – no complaining here whatsoever 🙂


    • tiffany, i am so GLAD to have you back (and totally thrilled to know that you’re loving our blogs!) 😀 do grab your favorite bench on my blogporch and paint your name on it: you’re welcome here any time! 😀 one humble suggestion i can give you for organizing all your delicious digi-schtuff (and this is learned from sad experience, haha): whatever organizational system you decide on, do NOT separate your items out of the folders they came in. i did that years ago when i was very new and didn’t know better. i ended up regretting it and putting everything back in their original folders (thus wasting precious time that i would’ve preferred to spend creating, hehe). 🙂


    • you’re welcome, shelly, and i’m so glad you’re having fun! thank you so much for dropping by and partying with us! do come around again anytime you wish; my blogporch is always open to you 😀 xox


    • firefox is an open-source browser which works wonders! you can download it (for free 😀 ) from the link that i gave in a previous comment. i’m pretty sure that you won’t have a problem downloading when you shift to firefox, because those who couldn’t due to IE were immediately able to do so when they used firefox. 🙂 (by the way, i don’t own stocks at firefox, hahaha! i’m just a very happy user). hope this helps! 🙂


    • barb, you are absolutely kind and incredibly inspirational! thank YOU so much! do drop by my blog anytime; i would love to sit on my blogporch any day with you! big grateful hugs!


    • ooh! come join us on the digi “dark side” 😀 😀 😀 i’m pretty sure you’ll love digi – and anytime i can help, do let me know and i’ll be right there (jessicasprague.com is a GREAT place to start: there is a wonderful, extremely helpful and generous, and warm community there :D). thanks so much for dropping by and leaving love – i do hope to see you around here again soon! xox


    • you’re welcome, sherry! and thank YOU for your kind words; i am so glad you like my little goodie-bag! please feel most welcome to link me up once you use them as i would love to see what you create. do drop by again soon! xox


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