Finally, here it is!

the original version of the shutters page plopper using Jason Gaylor’s awesome brushes!!! For those who downloaded the version I released earlier, this one has different brushwork AND it also has a slightly different, more sunshiny hue to it.

Again, many thanks to Adam Lambert-Gorwyn for his windows photo, and Jason Gaylor for giving me the go-signal to release the plopper using his brushes!

Here’s the preview (I’ve updated the photo of my dear friends, the mother-and-daughter team who were the inspiration behind this creation). Hey, Jackie, does this photo now beat the other preview in terms of cuteness? 😆

{Click on image for larger view}

LivEdesigns Shutters Plopper JGVersion Preview

Download this plopper version here.

Of DDs and LOADs

Don’t you love acronyms? teeheehee.

I missed out on posting my latest LOADs and DDs, so here they are.

Daily December No. 3 & LOAD Day 5:

I wanted to do a page that shows the culture of my country, because Christmas is such a huge event in this part of the world. (Christmas carols begin playing in September–can you imagine the pressure? 😆 –and the food! the glorious food that abounds! Every home, big and small, mansion and hut, has happy lights. We are a happy people, what can I say? 🙂

The Parol’s Light {Christmas Star - Philippine-Style}

Journaling reads:

i love it when the parols begin to hang from trees and eaves. to me, nothing more warmly signals the advent of this season of joy and peace as the light shining from this truly filipino symbol of the star that shone above the manger on that first christmas night.


Jessica Sprague’s lovely Daily December template PLUS Katie Pertiet’s Grid Brush, Michelle Coleman’s Topper, Monika69 – Christmas paper1, pillowgirl/E.Blust – RichXmas paper (both blended); photo of nativity scene:; Flickr: Large Lit parol photo; nbk – grungy paper

LOAD Day 6:

Lately I’ve been getting into wanting to do full-photo-bleed layouts. This is what I came up with. This is my MIL. Pretty gorgeous for one who is beyond 70 years, eh?


Journaling (Quote) reads:

Beauty… when you look into a woman’s eyes and see what’s in her heart. ~ Nate Dircks

CREDITS: Jason Gaylor’s Brushes

Daily December Day 4 & LOAD Day 7:

Cool Weather = Cool Dude

Journaling Reads:

you said:

mom, can you gel my hair? i’m going to wear my jacket and my shades, and when my classmates see me, they’re going to say, wow, you’re sooo cool!

i said:

sure, honey, let’s do that. but you know what? it’s not your hair nor your jacket nor your shades that make you cool.

you’re cool because you’re a good boy. that’s what makes you cool, my little dude.


Jessica Sprague’s fab DailyDecember Template PLUS Katie Pertiet’s Grid Brush & Stitched Chip Strip; Michelle Coleman’s Topper; the Little Dreamer Designs Jolly Jingle Collaborative Kit, from which I used Michelle’s and Misty Mareda’s papers, Jackie Eckles’ star, Emily Merritt’s sparkles (recolored), Lori Barnhurst’s brad fibers

Daily December Day 5 & LOAD Day 8:

Rudolph Minus the Nose

Journaling reads:

checking out the decor in our neighborhood:

hey, mom, where’s rudolph’s red nose?


Jessica Sprague’s wonderful Daily December template, Katie Pertiet’s Grid Brush, Michelle Coleman’s Topper PLUS Michelle Coleman’s Merry Little Christmas Kit items (papers & flower) and Reindeer Brush by me! 🙂

Whew! All caught up with posting my layouts this January so far! 🙂

Lookie! What a surprise!

I am so delighted! There have been 469 downloads of the Shutters Plopper (the one I released a few days ago) from the last time I checked. Will those who have used it allow me to post their layouts on my blog? Do leave me a note if you don’t allow me… silence means YES! 😆 (But if you leave me a line and say, yes, please do, I’d be even more delighted!)

Also, look what I just found on the web today? SLKozul used part of my Jolly Hollydays kit to make a birth announcement for her friends!

SLKozul uses Jolly Hollydays

She did a great job, didn’t she?

So many stories, so wish to share!

There are so many stories that I wish to share, but I have to stop myself before my post runs page after page after page! I’ll be back soon, though!

Thank you so much, my dearest friends, all of you who offered prayers, well wishes, and words of advice for my Lasik operation. More stories about that soon!

In the meantime, need to work on my LOAD for Day 9 … it gets difficult as I have to put my alien act to rest for a few days (meaning, I can’t stay up till 4AM as the eyes give up and force me to lie down. Those of you who’ve worn contacts: you know how it is when you’ve kept them on for too long, and your eyes feel dry and they sting a bit? That’s how my eyes feel after a while, except this time, I can’t remove the lenses and go aaaaahhhhh! The only recourse is to sleep.

But I figure… that’s fine. Give or take a month, and I’ll be back to burning the midnight oil! 😆

Have a happy day, my sweeties! (((hugs)))

13 thoughts on “Finally, here it is!

  1. hi there! stumbled on your blog via digifree. love your stuff! freebies, LOs, stories, etc =) and when i read that xmas season in your country starts in sept, that got me thinking — are u filipina?? i swear, only the philippines starts the xmas season as early as sept =) and then when i saw ur MIL, she looked every bit the filipina aging gracefully! hehe! do drop me an email if u have time, thanks! =)


  2. Oh Liv, you never cease to amaze me. I almost feel guilty about taking what you share! Almost, but not quite because I certainly wouldn’t want to offend you…

    By the way…you’ve been tagged! Check out my blog post called Tagged #1 for the details…

    Have fun and thanks again for sharing!


  3. Just spent an hour catching up on all your downloads…haven’t done any in awhile! Love them all! You and that Wacom are doing a great job. 😉

    I have been missing chatting with you. With the kids back in school and my work picking up, I haven’t had a chance to do much playing.

    BTW- why do you call it a plopper? Cuz you can just plop a picture underneath it and be done? Makes sense to me!

    Love ya! xoxox


  4. Love reading your stories and seeing your fab layouts, but best of all is hearing that you are finally resting those eyes! Smart girl just got smarter! Luv ya. P.S. thanks for the new shutter freebie. left some luv there for you. Now I just need to get scrappin….


  5. Hey Liv

    Great Lo’s. How are you eyes going my DH is getting his eyes done with LASIK next month and he is so excited about it. See you over at Jessica’s forum. I am getting so ecited about NWR – not long to go now.



  6. Your LO’s are just so beautiful and how lovely is your MIL!! WOW!! Love the new version of the plopper, just downloaded it and left you some amor in 4shared! Thanks so much matey! Mmmmwwwwwahhhh!!!


  7. Liv, I just love it. Downloaded my CS3 so I am anxious to play but first I must force myself to paint my daughters room. UGGGGGGGGGG! Have to get it done though since we are having a floor laid on Monday. Hope all is going well with your eyes. In no time you are going to be wondering why you didn’t do this years ago. Love Ya


  8. MWAH!!!!! Just wanted you to know I *heart* you!

    Love seeing your LOADs and hearing your sweet ‘life’ stories. It’s totally a breath of fresh air to read about your daily experiences.

    Thanks, as always, for the freeb. It is FABULOUS. So cool seeing Noel and Jackie there. Special friends.

    Keep doing what you have to do to get better faster (i.e. SLEEP!!!!)


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