You will not believe this…

but it has taken me TWO hours to put up my happy post… the one right under this. TWO bloody hours. There must be something about wordpress that makes it inaccessible on weekends… and there must be something about wordpress that’s been making it really iffy to use these past days… but it’s enough to turn the 😀 in me into 😳

I want to post the freebie right now, but let’s see how it goes, huh? Keep your fingers crossed for me…

Here’s the last part of the Lavender Porch Kit… and one of the packs I’m proudest of (mainly because it took such hard work to get it right!!! Food for thought: aren’t the things that you work really hard for,  more valuable than those that just drop into your lap? I find that this is true for many things in life).


There are 3 bows and 3 strips of ribbons plus a bonus plum-colored paper (I used a texture for the paper from a kit I bought, but I can’t remember which one… oooh, sorry… will do better with that next time. Just didn’t want you to give me credit for the texture of the paper…). The ribbons are 12.5 inches in length, long enough for you to stretch across a 12×12 layout as a border, if you want to. Or you could always downsize them if you want them smaller (I always think it’s best to give as many options as possible! 😀 ). The drop shadows are there for preview purposes so that you can use the elements in whatever orientation you want to. But the creases and shadows on the ribbons themselves (on the strips and on the knotted portions of the bows) are really there… for added realism. 😉

EDIT: While I was fixing up all the messy folders of my digital stuff in my compy, I found the source of the texture that I used for the bonus paper, and I re-read the TOU and I was a bit uncertain as to whether I could put up a freebie using that texture. So I took down the link for a little while so that I could change the paper into an original texture to make sure that I don’t step on any toes (I know how difficult designers work on their designs so I really would rather err on the safe side than risk hurting or offending any designer). I have put up the new bonus paper with the same ribbons and bows; I hope you don’t mind the shift in the bonus paper, and I truly hope you understand… 🙂

Now I’m on to working on other single freebies and I hope to be able to make a mini kit with pinks, as requested by my friend Jeanne in the comments (see? I hear ya, honeys!!! 😀 ). Also, I’ve joined the Stand Up & Scrap contest, so that should be keeping me busy for the next six weeks… but never too busy to keep making freebies for you! 😀 So do drop by and don’t stop visiting, okay? There will always be iced tea or freshly brewed coffee waiting for you here on my porch swing. 🙂

Download the last Lavender Porch offering HERE. Zip password is ribbows (the “w” is not a typo… it really is a combination of ribbons and bows… hehehe).

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

Enjoy, and thank you so much in advance for the comments you leave in my blog! 😉

7 thoughts on “You will not believe this…

  1. Liv, how frustrating for you that wordpress is so freaky, especially when you’ve worked so hard to bring us these lovely goodies. Thank you so much for the bows. They are adorable. You never cease to amaze!


  2. Joan, so sorry… wordpress has been freaky the entire day today (and yesterday too). I got lucky and fixed it now… you can download again. Thanks so much for your understanding and patience. (sob, sob!)


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